The NHMA California Leadership Fellowship is a one year long program that provides NHMA member physicians in their mid-careers with leadership skills development and networking with California and Federal leaders.  The Fellowship will be a collaboration with the California State Latino Legislative Caucus. This program is based on the NHMA Leadership Fellowship that has been funded in the past by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  The program was highly successful in 2014 and is under review for 2016 and will be announced this summer.

The course consists of 3 intensive meetings: 1) Sacramento Institute – a week-long meeting of lectures and panels as well as visits with leaders in the California Department of Public Health and the Department of Health Services in conjunction with the California Legislative session; and 2) the Washington, DC Institute I – a week-long meeting that includes Federal policy and stakeholder meetings and site visits to leaders’ offices in the White House and Congress (California delegation); and 3) Washington, DC Institute II - a day long meeting in conjunction with the NHMA Annual Conference in 2017. The lectures are presented by health experts from Federal & State governments, foundations, media, managed care, think tanks, and non-profit advocacy organizations. The program emphasis is on the knowledge and skills necessary to take a leadership role in health and behavioral health policy development and advocacy at the state and local levels on issues of importance to the health of the Hispanic community.

Eligibility and Selection 

Ten Fellows will be selected. Applications are being solicited from among NHMA’s physician membership. 

Applicants should have at least five years of professional experience after completion of residency training. The primary selection criteria will be leadership potential as evidenced in work experience and other community activities. Appropriate letters of recommendation will be part of the application package. Fellows are expected to arrange to be given time off from work to participate in the program. Expenses for the Fellows related to travel and hotel will be paid as a part of the Fellowship.   Conference in 2015.

Important dates and deadlines - TBD

Check back this summer, 2015.


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