The National Hispanic Medical Association mission is to empower Hispanic physicians to work with our public and private partners to improve the health of Hispanic populations. 


NHMA is opposed to the Senate continuing to decrease access to health care in our communities as the Congress is calling for in their efforts to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


The ACA was signed into law by President Obama in 2010 and has resulted in 30 million newly insured Americans.  Hispanics have been the group to gain the most. The ACA Repeal and Replace is a Republican policy focus as they have tried 70 times and now they are trying a unique way (under Senate Reconciliation rules)  ----


The U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA) that only changes the budget areas of the ACA – by eliminating:


              ·       Individual and employer mandates, penalties (revenues to Federal govt)

              ·       Essential benefits for qualified health insurance plans of the Marketplaces (states, Fed) (hospital, medical, labs, prevention screening/counseling, mental health, vision, oral health, women’s health)

              ·        Income subsidies for age tax credits (so older persons would pay up to $16K compared to ACA of $1700 average

              ·       Prevention health fund – major CDC public health programs

              ·       Pre-existing conditions deletion from underwriting for health insurance purchase

              ·       Medicaid expansion at the level of ACA

              ·       Funding to Planned Parenthood


NHMA is opposed to the major infrastructure changes that would decrease a Trillion dollars of Medicaid expansion and change Medicaid from an entitlement to a state block grant or a capitation program with work requirements for the disabled on Medicaid. State waivers would be flexible as to the eligibility for Medicaid as well as with the benefits for insurance plans.  The goal is to allow states to allow insurance plans with limited benefits – that would create less costly premiums for Americans, and lead to state variation in health insurance coverage.


NHMA supports continued subsidies to the middle class families and small employers for health care insurance and cost-sharing for insurance companies to support middle class families.


NHMA supports continued value-based care efforts to provide quality care and patient-centered care.


NHMA strongly supports Culturally-Competent and Linguistically Appropriate health care programs and the leadership needed with the Offices of Minority Health at the US Department of Health and Human Services.




Congressional Budget Office has scored the AHCA House Bill and projects 23 million will lose health care insurance and would reduce the debt by $119 billion by 2026. CBO noted that one sixth of the U.S. population would be affected by states seeking waivers to strip ACA essential benefits.




President’s FY18 Budget includes elimination of prevention programs, diversity programs to recruit disadvantaged students into the health care professions schools, SNAP, School meal programs that are all needed for healthy families.




NHMA has a Call to Action on www.nhmamd.org and urges all health care professionals and students and others in our network to call their Congressman and Senators to hear their concerns for these drastic cuts that will impact health of our communities.  NHMA especially is interested in saving Medicaid and CHIP, clinics (up for reauthorization this year), as well as the essential benefits of the ACA, and maintaining access to health insurance and affordable quality healthcare, and of course, saving the HRSA diversity programs for Hispanics and other disadvantaged students applying to health professional schools and the CDC Prevention programs, especially the HIV, TB and STIs.








Sincerely yours,



Elena Rios, MD, MSPH, FACP


President and CEO


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