NHMA was established by a core group of Hispanic physician leaders who met in 1993 at the White House during the Health Care Reform Task Force meetings of President Bill Clinton.  From the beginning of the establishment of NHMA, we have served as a unique resource for the White House, the Congress and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). 

In 1995, NHMA convened a Retreat with Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) officials to recommend improvements to Federal programs that recruit Hispanic students and faculty to medical education. In 1995-96, NHMA convened five Regional Meetings to discuss the priorities for policy development from the greater health community in Hispanic key areas that were presented to HRSA. In 1997, NHMA established its Annual Conference on Hispanic Health to share model programs and strategies to Washington, DC.  In 1998, NHMA was awarded a Cooperative Agreement to develop national physician leadership and cultural competence efforts from the Office of Minority Health. 

NHMA has advocated developing and enhancing Federal and key State health care programs and policies that impact the health care and mental health care delivery systems, prevention programs, medical education, and research and reduce health disparities for Hispanic populations’ health.

In 2002 NHMA convened the First National Hispanic Health Summit with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the HHS, supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. In 2007-8, NHMA convened the National Hispanic Health Disparities Leadership Summit Series with HHS on Access to Health Care, Obesity and Diabetes Prevention, and Diversity in the Health Professions with key stakeholders invited to develop recommendations by consensus. The Final Report was presented in 2008 to the Health Policy Advisors of presidential campaigns at our Annual Conference, to Senator Kennedy’s health care reform team, and to President Obama’s Transition Team and several of the recommendations were incorporated in the Affordable Care Act.

NHMA President and CEO and government affairs staff have regular meetings with the White House, Congress and Federal agencies representatives on the implementation of the ACA and the improvement of health policies to be more relevant to Hispanic health.

Current 2016 Policy Priorities:

Increase transformation of healthcare delivery that includes accessible and affordable health and wellness services, coordinated care that is team based, patient-centered medical homes with cultural competence and language services, and health HIT and telehealth, and a focus on long term care and senior healthcare continuum of care.

Increase access to health education and healthcare for Hispanic families, including undocumented persons.

Develop community health policy research regarding child obesity, healthy lifestyle according to US dietary and physical activity guidelines to reduce chronic disease and health disparities among Hispanics.

Increase diversity in the health workforce through education and recruitment of Hispanic premedical students to health careers through STEM and Hispanic Serving Institutions linked to medical school pathways of counseling and mentoring with national health professional associations.

Increase diversity in the medical education faculty by developing national research programs at NIH and AHRQ for those who can teach and conduct research on Hispanic health.

We welcome you to learn about our efforts with government affairs, including our Hispanic Health Congressional Briefings, Testimony to Congress and Presentations to Policy Forums, and  participation in national health advocacy coalitions -  to improve the health of all Americans. Contact our office if we can be of help in your advocacy efforts.

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